• Independent Reading time
    • Reading homework due (minutes and signature)
  • Essay Revision Workshop
    • Revision Strategies to apply:
      1. Better by addition: paragraph(s) look short?  Re-read and add a clarifying detail.
      2. Better by subtraction: paragraph(s) look long? Re-reach and check for repetitive ideas to cut.
      3. Smooth it out: trade essays with a partner. Read it slowly and out loud, underlining parts that made you stumble for the writer to rephrase.
      4. Verb tense: whether past or present, make sure your verbs are consistently one or the other
  • HW: Read 30 minutes and log in planner


  • Essay Editing Workshop: Editing Checklist and example paragraph
  • HW: Read 30 minutes and log in planner


Wednesday – class does not meet, Coyote Fun(d) Run