Monday: Rosemont Colors

  • Reading HW Due
  • Workshop or Socratic Seminar Practice Round
  • Begin Socratic Seminar Packet
    • Crafting 3 strong discussion questions
  • HW: Read 30 min and log it

Tuesday: Twin Day

  • Finish “Before the Seminar” section in Socratic Seminar Packet
    • Gather questions from group and prepare answers
  • HW: Read 30 min and log it

Wednesday: Pajama Day

  • Socratic Seminars: Group 1
    • Group 1: Complete the “During” and “After” page of your packet
    • Completed packet due end of period
  • Debrief
  • HW: Read 30 min and log it

Thursday: Throwback Thursday

  • Socratic Seminars: Groups 2 and 3
  • HW: Read 30 min and log it

Friday: Ugly Sweater Day

  • Library
  • Reading time w/ tea and treats
  • HW: Keep up with reading at least 2 hours/ week, get one parent signature at the end of the break