• Grading Day, no students




  • Reading HW and Unit 5 Roots packet due
  • Book Talks
  • Unit 5 review, then Quiz
  • HW: Read 30 min., Unit 6 Greek and Latin Roots packet due next Mon. 4/16




  • Independent Reading or finish Book Talks
  • Picture analysis
  • 4-Corner Poster (table group)
    • jigsaw articles
  • HW: Read 30, Unit 6 packet due Monday



  • Finish 4-Corner Poster and reading articles
  • Video: The Farm Worker Movement
    • In journals, take notes on factual details to make your historical fiction short story authentic (People/ Groups, Places, Dates, Symbols, Sayings, and Other).  The goal is to collect historical facts that can make our creative short stories grounded in authentic details.
  • HW: Read 30