• Reading HW Due
  • Core 1 only – packets due e.o.p. if you didn’t turn yours in on Friday
  • Book Club
    • Together, complete p. 14 and begin p. 8
    • Reading time
  • HW: Read 30 min.




  • Book Club
    • Review Discussion Rubric for grading expectations
    • Together, decide the number of questions you’d like each group member to bring to your next discussion.
    • Time to read and complete p.18 for Thursday’s discussion
  • HW: read 30 min.


Wednesday (Half-Way to High School Day)


  • Naviance Career Interest Survey
  • HW: Read 30 min.







  • Library
  • Book Club
    • Reading Time (keep up with your group’s calendar)
    • P. 12-13 Venn Diagram (Compare and Contrast your novel to one of the other books we’ve read this year: All the Broken Pieces, Scrawl, or If You Come Softly)
  • HW: Read 30., parent reading signature