• Reading HW due
  • Book Club
    • p. 4 next prediction (can skip if done reading)
    • p. 9 (entire completed booklet will be due e.o.p. Wed.)
    • reading time
  • HW: Read 30 min. (this week’s reading is optional and can be used to replace a previous reading score)




  • Field Trip!
    • Bring… water bottle, sack lunch, sweatshirt or light jacket, and wear comfortable walking shoes.
    • Phones allowed during bus ride and at lunch only.




  • Book Club
    • finish reading your book
    • p.22-23
    • Booklet due e.o.p.
    • If time remains, begin group project
  • HW: read 30 min. (optional, reading this week can be used to offset a previous “0”)







  • Same as Thursday