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Monday & Tuesday, June 11th and 12th

All Classes:  Students are working on a “Take Home Final”  Due at the end of class on Wednesday.    

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Wed. & Thurs. (block days), June 6th & 7th

 Per. 3,4,5: Students worked on Slope.  Started Slope project (all done in-class) HW:  Catch up if necessary.  See on-line grades. Per. 6:  Students continue to learn about the Properties of Exponents. Pg. 617-619 due. Today, Zero Exponents and Negative Exponents. … Continue reading

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Tuesday, June 5th

Per. 3,4,5:  Students wrapped up the Chapter 1 Tables & Graphs project today and started learning about Slope. HW:  Slope Practice w.s. Per. 6:  Students worked on Properties of Exponents. HW:  Prop. of Exponents Practice w.s. and Pg. 617-619

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Monday, June 4th

Per. 3,4,5:  Last day for Chapter 1 book project (Tables & Graphs).  After today, it’s late.   HW:  None if you are caught up. Per. 6:   Finish up Chapter 8 test if necessary. HW:  Properties of Exponents notes and practice … Continue reading

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