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Wednesday, March 20th

Per. 1:  In class, students worked on their Direct Variation Lab. HW:  Bring necessary supplies for Friday and make sure write-up is ready to go. Per. 6 & 7:  HW:   Integer Practice and 1-Step Equation worksheet (blue)  Complete part … Continue reading

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Tuesday, March 19th

Per. 1 & 5:  In class, students worked on the Direct Variation Lab. HW:  More Slope Intercept Practice  March 19 h.w., Slope-Intercept form Per. 7:  Same as Per. 6 yesterday.

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Monday, March 18th

Per. 1 & 5:  Started to create Direct Variation Labs, no homework. Per. 6:  Started working out of the Algebra Textbook today.  Students should bring home 2 smaller books.  These books stay at home. HW:  Pg. 37 (#1-10)  Due Wednesday … Continue reading

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Thursday, March 14th

Per. 5:  Students participated in the “Bungee” Lab.  HW:  Complete #2-7 on the Lab Write-Up by Monday. Per. 6 & 7:  Students worked on Pi Day activities.  No HW.

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Wednesday, March 13th

Per. 6 & 7:  Linear Equation Test today.  No Homework. Per. 1:  Bungee Lab in class.  HW: Lab write-up,  Complete #’s 2-7 by Monday.

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Monday, March 11th

Per. 1 & 5:  HW:  Pg. 415 Per. 6:  HW:  Study for the “Matching Equations, Tables, Graphs” Test (Wednesday) by using the “Basketball Review” notes in your math journal.

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Thursday, March 7th

Per. 1:  HW:  Yellow Slope Intercept practice worksheet, due Monday Per. 6 & 7:  Business Posters due today! HW:  Matching graphs, equations, tables worksheet

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Tuesday, March 5th

Per. 1 & 5:  HW:  Pg. 413-414   (#15-22) Per. 7:  HW:  Finish the Competing Business Poster if necessary. * Due Thursday*

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Monday, March 4th

Per. 1 & 5:  HW:  Pg. 412-413 (#1-12) Per. 6:  HW:  “Competing Businesses” Poster due Thursday.  There will be no more class time used to work on this.

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