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Thursday, Sept. 26th

Per. 1:  Crazy Schedule today and tomorrow…so…moving the due date to next week!  We’ll work on it in class on Monday. Per. 6 & 7:  Please write/type up your 4 word problems.  Do not worry about the Formula word problem … Continue reading

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Monday, Sept. 23rd

Per. 1 &5:  HW:  Make sure you have 4 word problems written. Per. 6:  HW:  problem solving (work backwards) due Thursday

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Friday, Sept. 20th

All Classes:  Make sure you have at least 2 word problems written for your project. Accelerated Projects due on Friday, Sept. 27th General Alg. Projects due the following week. 

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Thursday, Sept. 19th

Per. 5: Solve 2 of the Formula Problems….. Problem solving (formula2) Per. 6 & 7:  Work on a second word problem.  Be ready to read it to a partner on Friday.

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Wednesday, Sept. 18th

Per. 1:  HW:  Solve 2 Problem solving (formula2), due Friday Per. 6 & 7:  HW:  Write one word problem using one of the following strategies (Lists/Charts, Drawings/Diagrams, Guess & Check)  due Thursday

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Tuesday, Sept. 17th

Per. 1 & 5:  HW:  2 rough draft problems for project (due next class period) Per. 7:  HW:  At least 1 problem from problem solving (guess and check)

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Monday, Sept. 16th

Per. 1 & 5:  HW:  problem solving (work backwards)  due tomorrow Per. 6:  HW: Choose 1 of the problems from: problem solving (guess and check)  due tomorrow

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Wednesday, Sept. 11th

Per. 1:  HW:  problem solving (guess and check)  Due Friday.  And also….QUIZ Friday over Making Lists, Charts, Diagrams, Guess & Check Word Problems Per. 6 & 7:  HW:  problem solving (diagram)_1  Due tomorrow.  And also…Quiz (read above info.) 

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Tuesday, Sept. 10th

Hey Everyone, Please make sure you are using the homework from the correct class!!! Per. 1 & 5 (Accelerated):  HW:  problem solving (diagram)_1  due next day of class Per. 7 (General Alg.):  HW:  problem solving (list)  due tomorrow  

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Monday, Sept. 9th

All Classes:  Solve at least 2 word problems using Lists. Show all work in your math journal.  problem solving (list)

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