7th Grade Language Arts

DUE FRIDAY SEPT. 29:  Students must keep a record of the number of minutes they read outside of school over the course of two weeks. The first goal is 120 minutes in two weeks. Students need to get their parents to sign the bookmark as witnesses to the out-of-school reading.


Essential Questions:

How do we create a community where everyone feels like they belong?

How do prior experiences impact people and their relationships with others?


1. Short Story (fiction): “7th Grade” by Gary Soto

Learning Targets:  Dialogue, character development, setting

2. Novel (fiction): “All the Right Pieces” by Anne Berg

Learning Targets: Reading strategies, character development, theme, comprehension and inference.

3.  Non-fiction articles on the Vietnam War

Learning Targets: Reading strategies, comprehension, context clues


1. Personal narrative: A memory from childhood

Learning Targets: Descriptive writing, dialogue, story starters, setting

2. Poem: Two-Person Poem based on characters from the novel

Learning Targets: Character development, descriptive writing, dialogue, theme

3. Literary Analysis Essay: How do prior experiences impact relationships both in the novel and in “real life?”

Learning Targets: Claim, evidence, organization, capitalization, punctuation



Hello new students, parents, and other interested people and welcome to The Mighty Oak’s Language Arts class!

Tools and Materials for Language Arts:

2 “Composition Books” (bound journals, with lines, preferably not spirals)

A pocket folder or a section of a binder (for the rare hand-out/worksheet)

Highlighters in various colors

Pencils and pens

1 Box of Kleenex

All students are expected to have a planner and independent reading book in all classes at Rosemont. This is a school wide expectation.

*Leave your cell phone in your locker or at home; we will have 1:1 technology in our class! Yippee!

This week’s learning targets are:

I can name every student in my class and describe something I like about them.

I can explain the expectations, procedures, and essential questions of this class.

I can write and deliver an introductory speech about myself.